"My Accent Is My Weakness"

Here’s How to Stop the Way You Speak from Blocking You…

Jade Joddle – Speech Teacher

“I promise to give you confidence about the way you speak and sound.”

YOUR RESULT: Instead of being sidelined for not speaking in the right way, you’ll be taken seriously and your true value will be recognised.

Accent Problems Are Common

An accent that doesn’t sound as clear as it should causes annoying problems…


Your time is wasted repeating yourself


You are negatively judged when you speak


Speaking on the phone is frustrating

When your accent is your weakness,
it gets in the way of your success…

  • You’re stuck in a job you’re overqualified for
  • Your accent is generally off putting
  • You’re worried people think you’re uneducated

When you don’t like the way you speak
you may feel

  • Misunderstood
  • Embarrassed to speak
  • Low in confidence
  • Angry at yourself
  • Jealous of better speakers

Why I Teach You to Get a Clear Accent, Not a ‘Posh’ Accent

People who have completed elocution training often think their ‘improved’ accents sound fantastic, when in fact they sound artificial. Sounding like you are trying too hard to get a ‘posh’ accent is a common error: rather than confidence it suggests that you feel inferior (speaking like this actually counts against you if you want to get a new job or a promotion).

Whereas the right kind of accent training takes you far in life by creating a professional impression, the wrong kind of training only results in you sounding weird.

Clear Accent is the right kind of accent training because it teaches you to sound like you, only better and clearer than ever before.

My Clear Accent course teaches you to change what you don’t like so that you can be free of your accent-related problems. I will teach you to:


Replace unwanted or 'incorrect' sounds


Speak in a standard way


Say even difficult sentences clearly


Speak with a natural,
flowing rhythm


Speed up your speech
x5 (for slow talkers)


Stop jumbling your words together (for fast talkers)


About Your Accent Trainer

“On my two YouTube channels I teach over 600 thousand subscribers about all topics related to accent and speaking skills. By joining this course you get access to exclusive lessons not available elsewhere.”

“I love speech and that’s what I teach. I’m original, thorough and teach you to the top.”

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Turn Your Accent Weakness
into a Strength

Challenge Yourself:
A Practical Method

My Clear Accent training is practical, original and challenging. As if you were a professional actor, you improve the way you speak by performing demanding speech training exercises. These exercises are very difficult to say correctly at first—and that’s on purpose! With practice, however, you will be amazed at how quickly you develop a clear accent. Follow this innovative method to master every sound in the English language.


Learn Thoroughly and Deeply

You also get access to over 30 hours of bonus lesson content that teaches you the most important pronunciation topics. What you get goes into far greater depth and connects topics more fully than anything you will ever see on YouTube. These optional lessons are included as a bonus to those who want to learn and master the formal rules of pronunciation.

Connect Sounds Smoothly

For some people, the difficulty with speech is due to an obvious issue such as a stammer, stutter, mumble or lisp. By improving your overall fluency with this course, you can make great progress towards overcoming your speech difficulties. For everyone else, even if you don’t have an obvious speech issue, you will connect words more smoothly and naturally than ever before.


What Will I Learn?

The aim of this course is to teach you to speak in a clear, connected way. My aim is not to teach you to a specific accent so that you sound like somebody else.

My approach is that the best accent for you is authentic to your natural way of speaking, only clearer than ever before. I believe it’s important to recognise and to be able to produce the standard pronunciations, which is why I teach you them in this course. With this knowledge in mind, we then decide for ourselves how we want to speak. It’s up to you how standard you want your pronunciation to become as a result of your training with me. Change what you don’t like and leave the rest.

Our accents are a fingerprint of our lives therefore each of us should speak uniquely. There is no single accent that each of us must learn, but what is important is that we speak clearly in general or else we cannot be understood with ease.

Once you have finished my Clear Accent training you will still sound like you, except you will have transformed an accent-related weakness into a strength.

What You Get When You Join…


  • Practical pronunciation training lessons [VIDEO] Get 75+ Clear Accent training exercises. Repeat-after-me.
  • Learn how to pronounce every sound [VIDEO] Pronounce the sounds of English clearly.
  • Easy to understand lectures on pronunciation [VIDEO] Learn technical details about pronunciation and clear speech.
  • Read aloud using the lesson scripts [PDF] Every practical pronunciation training lesson has a script.
  • Exclusive lessons for Clear Accent students only Stream your lessons on Jade Joddle's private student website. Lifetime access. Internet access required.
  • Stay motivated until you achieve your goal The course is organised into short lessons. Track your progress through the course. Learn one step at a time.

Quick Preview of The Course

Latest Feedback

Alex, The Netherlands

“For years I have been trying to get the slightly Dutch sounds out of my English pronunciation, but I could not quite figure out how to do that. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating your accent training course because it taught me the correct, standard pronunciations.”

Pedro, Native Spanish Working in Germany

“It is high quality material that goes through all the sounds of the standard English language where Jade provides you also with a personal touch. The course addresses people who would like to go further with their accent and get into the English rhythm.”

Jennifer, Native of The Philippines Working Dubai

I tried accent courses before but I got no improvement. What I like about this course is that it’s organised in a way that makes it easy to do a little bit of practice every day. With my improved English accent, I am now more confident in my job.”

Course Reviews


Sebastián Ruiz

Web Support Executive

Problem: Telephone Communication
Location: England

I provide technical support to clients over the phone in English therefore I need excellent pronunciation. I had no need to completely remove my native Spanish accent (I work in an international company) but I did have some strong pronunciations I wanted to alter. The improvements to my accent mean that I assist clients over the phone much more efficiently now. I’m really pleased with my results and recommend this course to non-native speakers of English who work in companies where high level English skills are essential.

Brett Williams
Marco D.


Marco D.

Mechanical Engineer

Problem: Strong Italian Accent
Location: Australia

It is extremely rare to come across a course that teaches demanding material in an enjoyable way, as I experienced in regard to Jade Joddle’s accent course.

I took the course in order to learn correct English pronunciation and was immensely satisfied with the practical exercises. Additionally, I studied the technical aspects of pronunciation in depth by completing the bonus lessons. With the knowledge I gained as a consequence of taking the course, I am now very much happy with the way I sound.

‘Clear Accent’ is unequivocally a five-star course and Jade Joddle is without a doubt a five-star speech trainer.


Phillipe Garnier

Marketing Executive

Problem: eating his words
French living in London

Just a few lines to thank you. I started your Clear Accent course a couple of weeks ago. I must say that all the exercises and lectures you provide us with are being really helpful, and reviewing the sounds is making my speech much clearer.

I do the training exercises in the morning and have found it prepares me for the day ahead so that I'm able to communicate at my best. It's fantastic that I can now speak English without eatingmy words all the time!

Loan Mai


Loan Nguyen


Problem: Frequent Misunderstandings
Location: England

Q) What accent problems did you have before you joined the course?

I remember there was a time when people asked me to repeat what I said all the time, even though I thought I was speaking brilliantly. The look on their face, the frowning… all indicated that they were trying hard to decipher what I said.

Q) How did your speaking improve from taking the course?

Before taking the course I said the sound that’s in the word ‘air’ wrong in all words. I once told my friend that I wanted to get an ear fryer for cooking food and she looked at me strangely because I should have said ‘air fryer’! The course taught me the difference between confusing sounds like that so I could recongise my own mistakes. People also noticed changes to my overall speech and complimented me.

Q) What did you like about the course?

It was like drinking accent Red Bull because I got a lot more talkative than is normal to me. I even joined some group conversation classes because of feeling a lot better about my speaking.

Get a Clear Accent with Jade Joddle

Get a Clear Accent
with Jade Joddle

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